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Experienced drivers, managers, men, family cars who drive more than others

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Senior managers, women,  experienced drivers, city cars and individuals who drive less

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High performance and modified cars, convicted, Japanese and American imports, try Time4leasing

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Car Insurance designed with Women in mind

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We all know that women drivers are presently a lower risk and insurance companies charge them less than males! If you are a bloke reading this, its totally very true.

  • Women aged 17+
  • Pass Plus qualification extra discounts
  • Need a Courtesy car option
  • Second car discounts
  • Accident Manager
  • Flexible payment options
  • Spread the cost over 12 months
  • Optional UK wide breakdown cover
  • Wheel change assistance

Most women drive at slower speeds (some faster) and are more careful whilst driving and therefore when they do have an accident, they are frequently less serious, resulting in smaller car repair bills. The statistics show that female drivers are also less likely to commit serious motoring offences such as dangerous or drink driving.

  • Females, 17+, provisional licence
  • Women drivers with Pass Plus qualification

Specific companies are specialist in offering policies designed specifically for female drivers. These companies offer a number of insurance deals from a panel of leading UK broker insurers who appreciate that women have different motoring needs than their male counterparts.

The highly skilled and experienced teams of underwriters for female drive insurance personally check every single proposal to ensure that you receive the best possible deal to meet your individual insurance needs.

Did you know 30% of cars are leased by women at Time4leasing the Car Leasing & Contract Hire Company with a massive selection of car leases for every female taste. Car deals deals from 3 months to 6, 12, 24 and all the way to 36 months or 3 years.

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Car Insurance for female drivers

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