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Experienced drivers, managers, men, family cars who drive more than others

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Senior managers, women,  experienced drivers, city cars and individuals who drive less

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High performance and modified cars, convicted, Japanese and American imports, try Time4leasing

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Were you misfortunate to be caught speeding and got speeding points or had that one too many drinks and got banned for drink driving or did you cause an accident that have send your insurance premiums soaring? Had your license revoked and now you are looking for cheaper insurance?  Even if you were refused any insurance cover on this website you will find something suitable.
  • Males 19 +
  • Females 17 +
  • Accident history
  • Need Chauffeur service cover
  • Need UK wide breakdown cover
  • Accident Manager
  • Key Care cover
  • Flexible payment options

Specific insurance companies specialises in offering policies designed specifically for convicted drivers and they have a number of great deals with companies on a panel of leading UK insurers brokers that provide cover for drivers who donít have a clean licence.

Insurance cover 4 convicted drivers

  • Drivers with a drink driving related conviction
  • Drivers with a revoked licence whose ban is completed

The highly skilled and experienced teams of underwriters for convicted driver insurance personally check every single insurance proposal to ensure that you receive the best possible deal to meet your individual circumstances, no matter what your conviction, car, bike or accident record.

If you where looking to lease a new car we highly recommend Time4leasing who have a massive selection of car leases who ever you are and what ever your history is. Time4leasing Car leasing offer deals from 3 months to 6, 12, 24 and all the way to 36 months or 3 years.

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